NC controlled router milling machine [BF]

AMD has years of experience in CNC centres and machines for solid wood, synthetic materials and non-ferrous products (aluminium).

The simultaneous machining of the pieces on table 1 and 3 and vice versa on table 2 and 4 and tool change while production continues results in a more than doubling of the production rate per piece.


  • Very stable machine, suitable for heavy, precise and complex work.
  • Every table contains a double vacuum circuit and a compressed air circuit.
  • In a single clamping, machining the 5 sides of the work pieces.
  • The 2 turrets each contain 1 water-cooled driving motor 15kW from 7000 rpm to 18000 rpm and 2 left and right turning milling spindles for automatic mechanical insertion HSK.


The 2 revolvers of the machines contain each:

0) 1 liquid cooled motor.
1) A milling axis for automatic changing of tools, tool holder HSK-63E.
2) A heavy horizontal milling unit.
3) A fast rotating horizontal milling unit.
4) A vertical drilling unit with recallable drilling spindles.
5) A drilling axis for automatic tool change, tool holder HSK-63E.
6) A horizontal sawing and cutting unit.
7) A four-sided horizontal drilling unit.
8) A horizontal drilling unit with recallable drilling spindles.
9) A tool magazine of 36 tools and tool changer.

Other fix mounted orientable units like a floating milling unit and a chain cutter unit.
Also special units coming from the tool magazine.

   2 tool magazines for each 36 tools

2 NC controlled, in C orientable drilling units
with individual dust extraction,
appropriate to drill for example 40 holes at once.

Work area and dimensions

Work area:
X-axis: 9.720mm
Y-axis: 1.200mm
Z1- and Z2- axis: 300mm
B-axis: 360°   C-axis: 360°
The Z1- and Z2- axes may run parallel so that one or 2 working tables with a length of more than 9,50 meters are available.