Machines for the added-value seeker.

AMD is producer of advanced machines and production systems for wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals

AMD has been designing and building for over 45 years machines, of which 40 years NC controlled machines, without having to pay costs for representation, fairs, etc., which quickly make the cost price of the machine more expensive.

For the sector of log cabins, chalets and wooden houses, AMD has even developed a whole range of machines.

Typical for AMD machines are the unique concepts adapted to the needs of our clients.

All realizations are own design and are programmed and extensively tested with the customer's workpieces at AMD.

With AMD you are in direct contact with the engineers, designers and builder.


  • that AMD communicates the production times
  • that to get the same production, you will need more machines and manpower when using non AMD machinery
  • that AMD machines can handle multiple types of operations
  • that the cleaning and maintenance drop drastically or falling away completely
  • that the machine setting and programming (largely or completely fall away)