CNC-controlled machine for poles, posts, fences, poles for meadows, ... [PM]

Unique machine concept

Fast and accurate production of square, rectangular and round posts in one processing cycle - and this without chipping.
The production time depends on the number of operations and the type of wood (e.g. okan) and takes between 50 and 120 seconds per fully finished post.

  • The beams are measured by the automatic charger, and the data are processed in the program.
  • Ergonomic, safe and compact machine.
  • Closed machine room with full dust and chip extraction. As a result, there is no health risk and less noise emission.
  • Wearable parts such as ball screws and linear guides are shielded from the chipping area. As a result, the machine does not damage or soil itself or its surroundings, and there is almost no cleaning or maintenance.
  • Output mechanism with stock (buffer) which ensures that the machine operator does not have to remove every post immediately after production.
  • The machine can also be used as a very accurate crosscut saw.

Chamfering on diamond head or profiled head