AMD NV - NC-controlled machine for the production of gables of log cabins, garden houses, saunas, etc.... [TG]


  • Horizontal and vertical interclamping, multiple layers of planks.
  • Sawing of the slopes in the desirable slant with a maximum of 45 degrees.
  • Nailing or screwing together of the planks.
  • Notching of the roof purlins.
  • Manual infeed of the planks while the machine is producing.
  • Stacking and exporting of the finished gables and automatic transport to a lock where the stack is ready and waiting to be taken away.

Production time: +/- 1 minute on average plank thickness 28 mm for machine version 1.
For a machine without automatic input and output (version 2), this is approximately 2 to 2.5 minutes per gable.

Unique machine concept with great benefits

  • 2 versions:
    • Version 1 with automatic input and output while the machine is producing
    • Version 2 loading and unloading when the machine is not producing.
  • Not a single faulty gable.
  • The machine works with unequalled accuracy, mill quality and speed
  • The loading of the machine happens during the production process.
  • Since the high speed production, you can produce what you need to deliver, which means that you don't have internal transport and expensive storage.
  • By nailing the sawed surfaces there are no visible adhesives, therefore no left and right gables.
  • Almost complete extraction of the wooden chips.
  • Curved and twisted planks are no longer a problem; during the production process they are and stay clamped vertically and horizontally with great force during the production and this way, the saw cut stays in line and straight.
  • The loading of the machine (version 1) happens during the production process.

With the AMD machine, the planks do not detach.

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