Machine for wall and roof beams for log cabins, swimming pools, chalets and saunas [SI]


  • Cutting to length
  • Milling end grains (straight, round or up to 4 corners 45°). Never tear-out of the wood.
  • Undeep notches
  • Deep notches
  • Deep oblique notches up to 45°
  • Can also be used as a high-precision cross-cut system


Compare the machines PI, SI and HM (PDF)


  • High performances and finish quality (no chipping of the wood)
  • The workpieces are finished in 1 fixture, making them very accurate
  • Tool changes are only required for other plank thicknesses.
  • The dust extraction lines are integrated in the machine with only one fixed connection to the external fan.
  • Possibility of automatically controlled extraction valves: The machine extracts (powerfully) where it is currently machining.
  • Optimum speed on all milling motors.
  • Short production process: 1 production run to make all the wall beams of a building.
  • Both series production and production of all planks interchangeably (job list)
  • Mechanisms at the top (this prevents soiling of the machine parts).
  • No underground (subfloor) spaces for waste.
  • In addition to making wall and roof beams, the machine can also be used as an accurate double cross-cut saw and as a double end profiler for making for example window components.
  • 1-man operation or manless production (see automation input / automation output)

Milling end grains (corners 45°), never chipping of the wood.
Counter-profile is not required.

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