NC controlled machine for wall beams, gates, log cabins, chalets, and a range of other applications [HM]


  • Automatic optimization in different lengths so that there is a minimum of residual wood or waste.
  • Very fast and accurate notching (both deep and undeep) and milling tenons
  • Drilling and milling of all kinds of recesses (see examples below)
  • A wide variety of operations, such as making mortises and tenons, holes, hinges, dovetail joints, lock holes, etc.
  • Identification of each workpiece with label
  • Both piece and serial work
  • Low-price machine in basic design


Compare the machines PI, SI and HM (PDF).

Unique machine concept

  • Making tenons and milling 2 deep and 2 undeep notches (wind notch) around the log in less than 4 seconds.
  • Make 2 dovetail joints at the same time, both on the heads and on the sides.
  • Simultaneous vertical or horizontal drilling (through) and milling: double speed. Chipping of the workpiece and skew drilling are excluded.
  • The wearable parts such as ball screws and linear bearings are protected from the cutting space, so the machine does not damage or soil itself or its environment, so almost no cleaning or maintenance is required.
  • Enclosed machine room with almost complete dust and chip extraction, therefore no health risk.
  • Strong noise emission reduction thanks to fully encapsulated cutting space.
  • The residual wood is automatically removed from the machine.
  • Ergonomic operation and use.
  • Short production process: 1 machine passage to produce all wall beams etc. of a building.
  • No (underground) concrete work to set up the machine.
  • 2 versions available: wood section up to 140 x 160 mm or up to 200 x 250 mm.
  • The machine can be used as a very precise cross-cut saw.

BTL import.

BTL interface (Build Transfer Language)
  • The machine no longer needs to be programmed.

Some examples of possible operations

Click on the image below for larger images.