Machine for notches of planks of log cabins, wooden houses and swimming pools [PI]


All leading manufacturers work with AMD machines. In the market of the block home building, AMD occupies a leading position with a whole range of machines and installations for automated production.

The unique concept combines speed with the highest flexibility and finishing quality.
Suitable for series and for piece-work.

The basis machine can be automated and expanded with different modules.
See below under 'possible operations and lay-out'.


Compare the machines PI, SI and HM (PDF)

Possible automatic manipulations without operators

  • Disassembling of stacks of planed wood
  • Optimizing in different lengths of the imported planks using a cross-cut saw, whereby all units prepare every time only in a few seconds.
  • Buffering of to quickly supplied planks
  • Emptying the buffer
  • Measure the planks and lead away the significantly deviant planks out of the production process
  • Sawing or machining in length exactly
  • Measure residual wood in length, select, stack or when too short for reuse, eject as waste
  • Processing the log ends (slanting, rounding up or grooving)
  • Up to 5 undeep and deep notches and/or 2 slant notches, eg. for pergolas and swimming pools
  • Saw in half
  • Drill from both sides out without chipping of the wood
  • Stacking of finished wall beams, joists and roof beams
  • Transporting finished stacks to a lock
  • Bringing back logs from the restwood stack into the machine
  • Marking and/or labelling
  • Suitable for serial production and for size 1
  • Without interruption, processing of different buildings, ready for shipment
  • The machine prepares already automatically, while a work piece with other dimensions still is in process (with other words: the set-up of the machine is negligible in the total time).
  • Short production process: 1 production run to make all the wall beams of a building.
  • operations are done from above, Devices at the top (this prevents soiling of the machine parts).
  • No (underground) concrete work to set up the machine.
  • In addition to making wall and roof beams, the machine can also be used as an accurate double cross-cut saw and as double end profiler for making for example window parts.

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Automatic input and
control system
Sawing, milling end grains and notching Sawing and milling Stacking and exporting
Lay-out of an automated machine

Completely finished examples in (the production times were recorded with a chronometer) in:

5 sec. par planche

        2,5 sec.              2,5 sec.

5 sec.

2,5 sec.

5 sec.

5 sec.

5 notches

2 angled notches 5 sec.

Very accurate

All manipulations happening simultaneously in 1 throughput.
The planks remain clamped while they are being processed.
Superior quality and never chipping of the wood.


Almost no limitations of the positions of the notches over the entire length of the plank.
Planks with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 horizontal and/or vertical notches, for example for interior walls and double walls for isolation

All machine-units adjust themselves automatically in a few seconds.
Only with other log thickness there are tools to be changed, the machine does not need another set-up.


The dust exhaust pipes of all tools are integrated into the machine with only 1 fix connection on the external fan.
This way the connection of the machine is advantageous and simple for the customer, and the extraction of the chips is almost complete.

To choose for an AMD machine is to choose for the future

One can start with a basic notching machine and upgrade and expand this machine in the future, for example to a production line without operators. Click here for the extensions.

Automatic feeding system with 1 or more feeding positions
Machine for drilling and milling
Automatic stacking system

Length of the basis nothing machine


Since the production process is fully automatically and does not need any manpower, nobody needs to be present at the machine during production. The machine is fully fenced in accordance with the CE Directive.

Software and programming


Offline programming of production orders in the office while the machine produces.

Joblist software: all the planks of a bill of material, for example a wall or a complete log cabin or project (eg. in a certain sequence, ready for shipping to the customer).