CNC-machine for multiple purpose applications, carpentry machines [DA]

Unique machine concept

  • Departing from long stretched raw materials, there is no machining operation known that the machine cannot handle.
  • BTL import: the machine does not need to be programmed, it automatically mixes all operations and dimensions.
  • Due to the multiple clamping of the workpieces in the immediate vicinity of the machining operations, vibrations do not occur.
  • Works with unprecedented accuracy, making products of excellent quality.
  • Short as well as long and thin workpieces can be precisely machined on all sides.
  • In the case of non-around processing, several layers on top of each other are possible.
  • Suitable for working on I-profiles.
  • Short workpieces do not end up in the waste.
  • Automatic measurement of the length of the inserted workpieces.
  • Automatic optimization in different lengths so that there is a minimum of residual wood or waste.
  • Automatic adjustment of the machine regardless of the cross-section of the inserted beams.
  • Tool changer with 18 or more positions.
  • When drilling or milling, chipping of the workpiece and skew drilling are excluded.
  • The wearable parts such as ball screws and linear bearings are protected from the cutting space, so the machine does not damage or soil itself or its environment. There is almost no cleaning or maintenance required.
  • No health risks, such as cancer: all dust and chips are extracted.
  • Drastic reduction of noise emissions through fully encapsulated cutting space.
  • Ergonomic operation and use.
  • No underground (subfloor) space (for waste).
  • Identification of each workpiece with a label and/or a marking (e.g. around the wood).
  • Notification of deviating beams.
  • Also for windows and doors.
  • Also for furniture parts.
  • Wider input and output table.
  • Automatic lubrication.
  • Compact machine that takes up little space (the length of the machine is e.g. 11.5 metres for 10-metre beams)

Section of the workpieces with a basic machine

  • Thickness 25 - 200 mm
  • Height 50 - 340 mm
  • Workpiece lenght 8 -10 - 12 meters or longer
  • See examples of other applications below.

BTL import

BTL interface (Build Transfer Language)
  • The machine no longer needs to be programmed.

  • The programs are automatically created from the 3D drawing. Example: HSBCAD, SEMA, AUTOCAD, ...

Some examples of possible operations

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