Machine for the sawing, drilling, milling, gluing and dowelling of elements for example of furniture and door frames. [KZDB]


  • The machine operator fills the vertical loader with planks.
  • The planks are fed automatically, after which both sides will be sawed and drilled in the desired angle and/or will be drilled at the same time at the upper- and backside and/or will be locally milled. The residual wood is automatically removed.
  • The finished work pieces return automatically to the operator.


  • The work pieces remain clamped and are fully finished in 1 passage.
  • Simple set-up and operating
  • High accuracy and quality because of:
    • Stable frame of the machine
    • Accurate linear rail systems
    • Vertical and horizontal drilling aggregates, grooving mill, grooving saw, milling aggregate, customized operations